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Freightliner focuses on the future. This concept from 2012 points towards the future of the brand.

While those in the trucking industry know Freightliner well, the average person would have no reason to look into them until now. Freightliner is bringing American manufacturing back to North Carolina in a big way. Winner of a contract to produce dozens of trucks for the state, Freightliner is producing these just West of Charlotte and they’re using as many North Carolina made parts in their construction as possible.

While our state does have a healthy manufacturing base already, it’s great to see more. According to Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Dr. Theo Notteboom of Hofstra University, about ten percent of the cost of a product is often due to transportation. That means that any products made in North Carolina are likely to be much cheaper for us as a result.

October 3rd is national manufacturing day, a celebration of those in the industry that makes things. Many manufacturers are celebrating with over fifty events ranging from facility tours to colleges hosting groups of high school students that may end up in the industry. We plan to celebrate with a toast to Freightliner, whose dependable trucks comprise a third of our fleet and whose manufacturing is benefiting our state.

The housing market in North Carolina has been growing and improving over the last year and the amount of home foreclosures is further proof of that. The foreclosure inventory for May of 2014 was down .8 percent from May of 2013. Nationwide, the percentage of home in the process of foreclosure is 1.7 percent, but North Carolina’s foreclosure inventory is only .9 percent, dropping well below the average.

This year North Carolina had completed just over 24,000 foreclosures by May. The United States had 47,000 foreclosure in the month of May alone. This is still well above the foreclosure rate prior to the recession, so even though our national housing market is recovering, we still have a very long way to go.

The top five states in for foreclosures are Florida, Michigan, Texas, California, and Georgia. North Carolina’s housing market is moving in the right direction, and our home prices, mortgage rates, and foreclosure rates all play a significant role in our successful housing recovery.

As the housing market in our state continues to improve, the more people will begin to look for new homes, or move from renting to owning. If you are looking to capitalize on the improving housing market by moving into a new home, then call your local moving company and let us get you there. All My Sons can provide you with a stress-free move, and we will get you settled into your new home as quickly as possible.


Though many new home owners, or would be home owners, are struggling to find a way to pay for their desired homes, the job market and low cost of living in the Charlotte area allows millennials the opportunity to become homeowners. The entire state of North Carolina is attracting many young workers because of this.

North Carolina does not have any major urban areas like New York, Texas, or California, and the cities in North Carolina, like Charlotte, carry a very low cost of living with them. The entire area is very attractive for millennials. North Carolina has many great jobs, plus the schools and universities in the area provide great opportunities as well.

However, millennials tend to stray from the typical suburban lifestyle that has defined their parents and grandparents for decades. So it is expected that millennial’s home-ownership rates will not only rise for single-family homes, but for condos and town homes as well.

Despite student loan and credit debt, that tends to cripple most of this generation, the millennials are still the largest portion of the would-be-buyer market in America, and Charlotte gives them a very feasible opportunity to become buyers.

If you are a new millennial home owner and need help with your first residential move, contact your local Charlotte moving company. All My Sons can help you make your first move be as stress free, and seamless as possible.

Tax free weekend is upon us here in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. Your Charlotte professional movers are looking forward to saving lots of money this weekend, but not nearly as much as parents of students soon to return to school. Tax free weekend promotions are great for the economy, and saving money is great for consumers. That’s what your Charlotte relocation provider calls a win-win scenario! Take advantage of tax free weekend savings this weekend, your Charlotte moving professionals sure will be!

Your Charlotte local movers are always here to provide safe and affordable relocation options for people on the move. We also give great moving advice! Since it is at the height of moving season, your Charlotte professional mover here wanted to offer some useful moving tips! You may not move every day, but your relocation professionals service several moves per day and can offer a lot of relocation advice on how to prepare your current home for moving out, as well as tips for prepping your new home for your arrival.

Great news for anyone guilt-stricken after dumping the Christmas tree off at the curb; Charlotte is benefitting off of the discarded holiday foliage. Your Charlotte area relocation professionals recently learned of Compost Central; a local enterprise fund which will grind up more than forty thousand trees this month, saving space in landfills, and bringing in more revenue than you may be able to believe. Bringing in more than two million dollars in revenue last year, Compost Central is more than well-funded to provide the much-needed service to our city; what’s even better is that, as an enterprise fund, Compost Central does not rely on a single penny of taxpayer funding. Part of the local Charlotte organization’s income is earned through fees charged to individuals who utilize the tree-removal service. The mulch produced from the ground-up trees is sold and brings in another large hunk of Compost Central’s revenue. Your professional Charlotte moving experts like to call this a “win-win scenario,” and it shouldn’t be very difficult to understand why!

Charlotte is a beautiful and very nice place to call home, but many local residents think of Charlotte as the last place they want to be on Black Friday. GPS manufacturer, TomTom, definitely possesses a ton of traffic knowledge and, according to the company’s data Charlotte has the worst Black Friday traffic in the country! Your Charlotte moving professionals are happy to provide residential relocation services on a daily basis, but we are also happy that Black Friday is not a popular day for moving considering the nightmarish traffic our moving trucks would be subject to if it were. The South Park Mall parking lot is particularly notorious for its non-stop Black Friday traffic jams, which inspires many Charlotte residents to stay at home on this very crazy day!

Moving in Charlotte often means selling your house. Selling your home means showing your home, and there are certainly strategic ways to go about doing just that. With the ever-improving convenience of the internet, house-hunting people on the move have never had an easier experience pre-touring houses from the comfort of their own homes. Before making the trip to come view your house in person, today’s potential buyers need to be wowed, and if you have ever tried to take a snapshot of the inside of your house, you have probably had a difficult time taking pictures that do your home justice. There are great camera techniques for taking excellent pictures of your home’s interior. Your Charlotte mover found a brilliant product that would work wonders in capturing pictures showing the entire space inside each room in your house; unfortunately it is not yet available but just imagine how useful this throw-able panoramic camera ball will be once it hits stores!

If you’re moving in Charlotte this weekend, prepare for a substantial drop in temperature. Cold fronts from our northern Canadian neighbors will bring the coldest air we’ve seen all season to Charlotte this evening. We may even see a bit of snow up in the mountains as temperatures drop ten to fifteen degrees following the cold front. Your movers here will stay warm thanks to plenty of physical activity and exercise from moving heavy furniture and appliances. If you are being moved by these professional Charlotte movers, you may need to keep a nice sweater handy. So long summer, hello fall!

North Carolina fans of NASCAR have surely visited or at least dreamt of visiting Statesville. From the multitude of driving schools in the area to the car-racing museums and gift shops in the area; Statesville is the perfect place for racing fans amateurs and professionals! Your Charlotte area movers are waiting for the day when a moving truck racing circuit surfaces in the area!

Statesville is also well known for its hot-air ballooning enthusiasm. Hot-air balloon manufacturing company, Firefly Balloons, began operating in the 1960’s out of Statesville where passionate balloon fanatics celebrate one of the town’s favorite traditional pastimes during its annual October festival.

For families on the move, there are a lot of reasons to consider relocating to Statesville. The school system in Statesville is one of the best in the country. Statesville students who take the SAT test tend to score higher on average than any other school system in the Charlotte metropolitan area. And when you work hard, it is only natural to play hard, which is why many Statesville families turn to the nearby Lake Norman and North Carolina foothills for a fun-filled weekend. Move to Statesville already, you know you want to!