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Apple’s Ron Johnson Moving to JC Penney’s as CEO

If you have a sharp eye on the stock market, you may have noticed a surprising increase in JC Penney’s stocks (JCP) to the tune of five dollars per share! The previously flat-lining company has a bright future ahead of them which they are moving to quickly thanks to the addition of Ron Johnson; JC Penney’s new highly regarded CEO. You may never have heard of Ron Johnson, but you have surely become very familiar with his many successful works. Johnson is the man responsible for transforming Target stores’ image into what they are now. More notably, he is the man behind the undeniably huge success of Apple’s one-of-a-kind in-store aesthetic. JC Penney is a project which Ron felt confident enough about to leave Apple so, moving forward, the famous department store is without question looking forward to great things! Your movers in Charlotte here are expecting many requests for assistance in moving newly-purchased JC Penney’s appliances and furniture to the homes of our mutual customers in the very near future!

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