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Flat Rate or Hourly Rate?

When moving in Charlotte you will be confronted by a number of different options. Some Charlotte local movers charge a flat rate for moving your valuables. You will be required to list your items and the mover will quote you on the amount of things you’re moving. While an hourly moving rate doesn’t limit the amount of items you transport. You can move anything you need to move and will be charged an hourly rate. Any minutes used that don’t add up to a full hour will be prorated in 15 minute increments. Be careful you’re not swindled by a flat rate move in Charlotte. Some flat moves have been noted as scams.

Please note there is such a thing as in-home estimate that provides consumers with a flat rate. This is a binding agreement produced after the Charlotte mover has had the opportunity to survey your home and your items. The good thing about this written estimate is that your price can’t go up, but there is a possibility it could go down if the movers don’t use all of the time allotted. Pick the moving option that works best for you.

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