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Freightliner’s North Carolina Manufacturing

Freightliner focuses on the future. This concept from 2012 points towards the future of the brand.

While those in the trucking industry know Freightliner well, the average person would have no reason to look into them until now. Freightliner is bringing American manufacturing back to North Carolina in a big way. Winner of a contract to produce dozens of trucks for the state, Freightliner is producing these just West of Charlotte and they’re using as many North Carolina made parts in their construction as possible.

While our state does have a healthy manufacturing base already, it’s great to see more. According to Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Dr. Theo Notteboom of Hofstra University, about ten percent of the cost of a product is often due to transportation. That means that any products made in North Carolina are likely to be much cheaper for us as a result.

October 3rd is national manufacturing day, a celebration of those in the industry that makes things. Many manufacturers are celebrating with over fifty events ranging from facility tours to colleges hosting groups of high school students that may end up in the industry. We plan to celebrate with a toast to Freightliner, whose dependable trucks comprise a third of our fleet and whose manufacturing is benefiting our state.

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