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Take Advantage of Storage Space for a Clean and Clutter-Free Home!

Many people are fortunate to have storage space available to them on site at their home. If you have the space available for storage, use it! Almost everybody has items that they don’t want to part with but at the same time don’t necessarily need taking up living space in the home. A clean home is a happy home, and packing clutter away in your storage shed can make your clean home even happier! When loading a storage unit, there are a few general rules of thumb which should be taken into consideration for the best possible success in your storage efforts. For one thing, be sure that you have some way to keep track of everything that is in your storage locker. Labeling boxes like you would during a residential move is smart practice. In addition to labeling boxes, keeping a list of items which are inside each box is also smart. Charlotte area professional movers keep an inventory of everything they touch which makes what we do extremely efficient. When you start placing items inside your storage space, be strategic. You probably have a limited amount of space to work with, so make the best of it. Stacking up as high as you can from the back to the front is a pretty efficient way to make the best of the storage space that you have, so arrange items accordingly to use up as much of the storage space from top to bottom as you can. If you have room left over after your items to be stored are all finished moving into their temporary home, you’ve done it right! Now go enjoy your clean and clutter-free home!

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