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What Rogue Movers Aren’t Telling You

Moving companies spend a lot more time actually moving than the average person spends even thinking about the topic; and most movers know this is the case. This is great if you plan to hire professional movers in Charlotte with a good reputation; a knowledgeable moving company with a good rep is your ticket to a painless moving experience. However; there are really lousy companies in the industry as well. Companies with a bad service aren’t going to advertise this to potential customers. Due to gaining business being their main objective, movers of little to no integrity are likely to advise you solely of information that they think you’ll find attractive.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that you don’t want to move with such a shoddy relocation service provider, but how do you knows which movers are pro movers? Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a moving company to know whether or not a particular mover is a risky decision. Having a phone conversation with a local Charlotte mover is really all that you need to do to make a legitimate judgment call in the matter. If you’re on the line with a dirty company, the person on the line will undoubtedly claim to have the lowest prices available. On the surface this sounds like a heaven-sent opportunity, but dissecting the situation we can see what’s really in store for you if you were to take the bait…

Quality is a paramount factor in hiring any professional service company, especially Charlotte area movers. Charlotte area movers that are professional; movers with full time, background checked, talented, warehouse trained employees on staff, will have noticeably higher hourly rates than the rates a rogue mover offers. What your less-than-reputable companies don’t want you to know though is that the Charlotte moving company with the higher hourly rates (better quality moving services) will ultimately have the lowest total cost at the end of the day thanks to the professionalism they bring to the table. You may be tricked into thinking that the lowest hourly rate you can find is the way to go, but what you’re really paying for is the lowest quality service around. Movers with low hourly rates are able to offer such low prices because they do not hire professional employees. Simple. It’s not hard to understand how this concept works; as a business, you either pay top dollar for a top quality staff, or pay peanuts for day laborers, inexperienced college students on summer break, and possibly even ex convicts to move your customers’ furniture. Furthermore; even though the latter will tout the lowest hourly rates, they will also be the slowest and the least efficient. To top it all off, no rogue mover is going to be fully licensed and insured like your neighborhood family movers here in Charlotte. Slow service, accident prone employees, zero liability… sound like the service for you? No way! You need honest movers with a good reputation, and that’s exactly what you get from reputable Charlotte area movers! Tell us about your moving experience, have you ever had to learn the hard way who NOT to hire?

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