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When shopping for movers, wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time how you would feel after your move was completed?

Just used All My Sons for our move from Charlotte, NC to Virginia Beach, VA and it was a great experience from start to finish. They will actually come to your house to do the walk through and estimate. They were on time, packing went smooth and quick, the same guys who moved us out moved us into our new place and that was great! No lumpers used! Just a great calm, smooth experience from beginning to end. Oh! And best of all, my estimate was what I paid. To the dollar! Yay! -Kathleen E.

Reviews such as the one above are available to people looking to hire professional movers. Stress over which mover to hire can be crippling if you have no idea of what to expect, but with the sincere testimonial from someone who has been in your shoes and has experienced being moved by a company you’re considering, you can easily hire a reliable mover stress-free!

Moving can be the cause of crippling stress, which in turn can cause an individual’s moving experience to be an all-out nightmare. One very common cause to moving day woes is failure to properly prepare your hired professional movers for you relocation. Hiring professional movers is smart, but on top of hiring professionals you must provide the necessary information to ensure that your moving crew arrived adequately prepared to move you quickly. Having not received proper information, you run the risk of inviting an unprepared moving crew which, despite their best efforts, can cause your price to be higher than expected. Take a look at these tips on how to properly inform your movers of the job they have ahead of them.

Many people are fortunate to have storage space available to them on site at their home. If you have the space available for storage, use it! Almost everybody has items that they don’t want to part with but at the same time don’t necessarily need taking up living space in the home. A clean home is a happy home, and packing clutter away in your storage shed can make your clean home even happier! When loading a storage unit, there are a few general rules of thumb which should be taken into consideration for the best possible success in your storage efforts. For one thing, be sure that you have some way to keep track of everything that is in your storage locker. Labeling boxes like you would during a residential move is smart practice. In addition to labeling boxes, keeping a list of items which are inside each box is also smart. Charlotte area professional movers keep an inventory of everything they touch which makes what we do extremely efficient. When you start placing items inside your storage space, be strategic. You probably have a limited amount of space to work with, so make the best of it. Stacking up as high as you can from the back to the front is a pretty efficient way to make the best of the storage space that you have, so arrange items accordingly to use up as much of the storage space from top to bottom as you can. If you have room left over after your items to be stored are all finished moving into their temporary home, you’ve done it right! Now go enjoy your clean and clutter-free home!

If you have a sharp eye on the stock market, you may have noticed a surprising increase in JC Penney’s stocks (JCP) to the tune of five dollars per share! The previously flat-lining company has a bright future ahead of them which they are moving to quickly thanks to the addition of Ron Johnson; JC Penney’s new highly regarded CEO. You may never have heard of Ron Johnson, but you have surely become very familiar with his many successful works. Johnson is the man responsible for transforming Target stores’ image into what they are now. More notably, he is the man behind the undeniably huge success of Apple’s one-of-a-kind in-store aesthetic. JC Penney is a project which Ron felt confident enough about to leave Apple so, moving forward, the famous department store is without question looking forward to great things! Your movers in Charlotte here are expecting many requests for assistance in moving newly-purchased JC Penney’s appliances and furniture to the homes of our mutual customers in the very near future!

On January 15th in 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 made an historic emergency landing into the Hudson River near New York City after a collision with a flock of geese caused the airplane to lose power. The emergency landing in the Hudson River was nothing short of miraculous and each of the 155 passengers on board the flight survived. Thanks to the fast acting response of a rescue watercraft, the passengers were safely removed from the slowly sinking plane before the catastrophe became tragic. It has been reported that the Airbus A320 that crash landed into the Hudson River is moving to Charlotte Museum. The possibility of accidents is a horrific thought for anybody who is moving to a new home. However; your Charlotte movers here are licensed and insured for your safety. Trust your move to an insured Charlotte moving company and you can rest easy on your moving day!

Some moves really do require outside assistance in the labor department. If you are looking to move, be it a local or long distance move, the need for professional relocation service providers should be obvious. Many moving companies in Charlotte run a rogue business. Hiring such a mover may result in a horrendous outcome. One common quality these non professional movers share is the baiting tactic they employ to gain your business; cheap rates. Cheap rates do not lead to an inexpensive move; they simply lead to a low quality experience that is sure to leave a sour taste in your mouth as well as a long lasting fear of residential moving. For your relocation you should consider only professional movers with well-trained employees on staff. Movers of this caliber work well together and have a highly-developed teamwork quality which means your move will be handled with care and precision. Professional movers pay their moving crews more than rogue movers pay their guys (many times they are day laborers off the street with no experience what so ever), so professional rates are definitely higher than non professionals. However; the quickness and quality of your move will result in an affordable and stress-free moving experience when all is said and done!

The future of Charlotte is looking rather promising today. Though a decline in employment beginning in 2008 had previously painted a grim picture of Charlotte’s future, a near three percent boost in the employment rate is expected for this year. Energy power and construction industries are expected to create nearly 5,000 new job openings and the creation of new apartments further indicates the expectation of people moving to Charlotte for work. Your Charlotte area movers are more than capable of handling your relocation service needs if you plan to move to Charlotte to embark on a new career. Furthermore; you may even be moving to Charlotte to start a new career in the moving industry! Charlotte moving companies like us are always looking for talented new additions!

Having babies is a part of marriage that many newlyweds look forward to most. New additions to the family could create the need to move to a bigger home. Moving to a new bigger house is also exciting! When your professional Charlotte area movers handle your furniture, they use quilted furniture pad wraps to protect your household items while in transit and while being carried into your new home. With new little ones on the way, protection is a huge topic of concern. If only keeping your newborn son or daughter safe were as simple as wrapping your baby in a quilted furniture wrap! All joking aside, there are some important factors to keep in mind when you are prepping your new home for your soon-to-be newborn.

When you think about hiring professional Charlotte movers, you probably think immediately about your pocket book as well. Moving can get expensive! There are ways to save a considerable amount of money on your upcoming move though. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all move; you have a variety of options when it comes to which relocation services your mover will render. Professional Charlotte movers have the skills necessary to provide a full service move, but a move like that may not be the best option for a budget-conscious consumer such as yourself if you are capable of handling smaller tasks such as packing.

Aside from the level of service you choose to receive from your mover, there are other aspects of your moving day to consider for the lowest cost when all is said and done. Do you have a flexible move date? If so, scheduling your move for a weekday –especially in the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning or end- can save you from peak rate costs, not to mention get you more energized movers that are able to work quicker than on a far busier day. Arranging the items your movers will carry for you in the same centralized area in your home can also save time which saves money too. When your Charlotte relocation team unloads your items off the truck, limit their service to placing larger furniture in the proper rooms; there is no reason to pay for the extra time your mover would spend if they did the same for boxes and smaller items. Finish unpacking and arranging smaller items on your own time, the money saved is well worth it.

Charlotte has never been more of an inviting city to people looking for a new town to call home! Currently your movers here in Charlotte hold many of the more than 300,000 available job openings; Charlotte actually ranks within the top ten most hiring United States cities in the nation right now! With openings in many various fields including accounting, finance, and management, Charlotte is rich in job opportunity at the moment! So if you could use a change of scenery and especially if you crave a new career path, Charlotte just may be the perfect place for you! Your movers are on stand-by to provide all the relocation assistance you need to make the big move!